I am finding myself at a tough point right now. I am so anxious to get my own business off the ground, yet I seem to have no time to work on it, therefore making it impossible to get started! I spend most of my daytime hours in the office at my day job, and in the evenings, my time is filled up with cooking dinner, spending time with my husband, and/or going to the gym (which I haven't done often enough lately!!!). On the weekends I try to make time for my creative projects, but when the weather is so nice, I end up going out and doing fun activities with my husband and our friends.

For those of you who got your own business started while still working a full-time job, what did you find was the best way to force yourself into making creative time? My projects are so involved, it is hard to get out all of my supplies and make a mess, only to have to clean up and put them away a short time later. I like to have large chunks of time to work on my albums. It's just hard to spend an entire weekend working when I've already worked all week! I suppose it all comes down to priorities and motivation. Any tips or suggestions on how to motivate myself to work on the weekends?
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  1. Julie Says:

    Wow are you preaching at the choir! I'm the exact same way... I'm trying to find time to work on my own business, but like you said, by the time I get home from my day job I'm exhausted, and still have to cook dinner and find time to clean etc. If you get some good tips please pass them along!

  2. heaven Says:

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