The tale of Alanna and Mike's Italian engagement.
In order to spare you all from random posts on my cooking blog, I have decided to start a NEW blog, just for all my random and wandering thoughts. Stop'll be the start of a fun and happy friendship. :)
Here is my plan for my daily schedule once I get my business started and stop working at this temp job. I think it will help keep me motivated to have somewhat of a plan, since I'll be working from home.

7:00 am, wake up, drink coffee, catch up on reading blogs & email, read daily headlines
8:00 am, workout at gym 3 days a week (or more if I can make myself do it!)
9:00 am, back home, shower, get ready for my day
9:30 am - 1:00 pm - Work on albums
Lunch in here somewhere - Whenever I feel hungry - check emails, etc. while eating
1:30 - 4:30 - Work on albums, take care of any phone meetings, paperwork, etc.
I am about to start a new venture, utilizing my skills in bookbinding. I am very excited to get started on making elegant wedding albums and cases to sell to wedding photographers, as well as diaries and other stationery items to sell in boutique shops. Look for more updates as I work on getting my business started in the next few weeks!