My most recent painting! I finally got around to pulling out my acrylic paints again, and what a surprise, it only took me about 12 hours to complete the entire painting! This is a picture of my father in law. As soon as I saw the photo (taken with a fish-eye lens, obviously!) I knew that it had to become something more. I was inspired by a painting project my camp kids did over the summer, to paint a portrait using only warm or cool colors. I felt that the warm colors would provide the energy already radiating from this photo. I love the way I turned out! I definitely want to do more portraits in this style. 
4 Responses
  1. ihearttodd Says:

    wow alanna. You has some awesome talent. I hope you share your painting with your FIL. I know I'd be truly flattered if someone was inspired to paint a picture of me. Keep painting!

  2. This is so cool, I know you're father-in-law will just love it. I can't believe how much like the original picture it looks.

  3. Natalie Says:

    I saw that at your house and i loved it! I thought the colors were so cool! I didn't know that YOU did it yourself, looks like something that could be sold.

  4. zebe912 Says:

    Amazing. You are truly talented.