The tale of Alanna and Mike's Italian engagement.
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  1. CB Says:

    oh Alanna, you are so uber talented! I would love to hear the story of this painting. The girl in black, the bare tummy, the multi-brides etc...

  2. Diana Evans Says:

    Great submission...the tale would be very interesting...


  3. Alanna Says:

    Well, it's mostly symbolic...the buildings and sculpture at the top represent Italy, where Mike proposed. The girl in black in front of the many brides is representative of me, and how I felt for many years, watching everyone I knew get married, while I still was single, for what felt like an eternity. I was afraid I would be alone forever. The torso, of course, represents the intimacy in marriage, and of course, the ring is the engagement ring!

  4. This is so fun to find! My fiancee - who happens to be from Rome, is an illustrator too! He does all the web design for my blog and lots of other stuff! I have a link to his blog in the link section of my blog if you ever want to check it out.

  5. Alanna Says:

    Oh wow, how cool is that? I'll definitely have to check it out!