...the color BROWN!

I really like brown. A lot. I have a lot of brown clothes and accessories. I think it's the naturalness of it, it's simple richness. I have been noticing lately that the things that keep catching my eye are those things that are brown contrasted with a light color, especially pink, blue, and/or green. Etsy is such a wealth of beautiful things. I collected a bunch of images that I have seen today...all can be found at You'll notice that a lot of them are baby-centric. I promise you I'm not pregnant...I just have had babies on the brain lately. Like, a lot. After looking at all these images and many more like them, I am getting several ideas for the colors I'd like to use to decorate my future child's room. :) Aside from the baby stuff though, I am loving the jewelry, handbags, etc. Such beautiful things! (Click on the images for a closer view!)

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